The one who starts their journey in a different way can say that he/she most of the time skips their habitual things so do i.

It's been about 6 months and now I am writing and it feels that probably I forget the way How I start writing something in my own way.

The thought, I want to share is that I have been writing here before to share my do’s and don’ts and thoughts, routines, and kinda other things (The big thing is When I was having a perfect time to write) But for now, I am Busy in some schedules (affecting surely my writing habit). But Sooner I will be there to join all of You and the Community.

By eeeee’’’’ Good Luck to all Writers in their Writing Journey.

“Spread the Best Words of you to others”. THANKS…




Muqaddas Angela

Software Engineering Student along with Passion for Writing. All I Enjoy to disseminating Knowledge and articulating self-thoughts in my writing since 13.