Do we need to pursue a strategy of gaining followers quickly?

Increments in Followers

Today, I am happy to get my 100+ followers Family. As I must tell everyone that on the 8th of February I was depressed by no Increments in my follower’s range and I was looking immensely close to my blogs and articles to track the cause of no increments. Also, I was questioning myself about; Is that something I wrote wrong causing no increments? Although, I was writing on daily basis from the start of February, and still the same going on.
It’s been more than a month I joined medium seriously. Before that month I was just reading articles here or maybe I had written once a blog here before 2022.

For the beginner writers here as I am, I wanted to say something to all of you that as a newbie this is not easy to get followers by staying quiet and just writing. Sometimes, you have to do something at the start and after you get some followers traffic then it is upon you to stop or to continue to ask for followers to writers here.

Yes, that’s okay if you let everyone know here about your writing by mentioning your categories of the topic you are writing on, and also you can play the action-reaction game of following to get followers along praising someone articles through comments. This is going to be okay for you as a beginner writer here that you can get followers by following someone till you get your goal of gaining followers.



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Muqaddas Angela

Software Engineering Student along with Passion for Writing. All I Enjoy to disseminating Knowledge and articulating self-thoughts in my writing since 13.