Most Promising and Finest VSCode Extensions I Use Daily.

No doubt, extensions concise our work. Most of us love to use various kinds of extensions for daily use. Not every extension is specially developed for developers or programmers but we are talking about editor’s extensions, and of course, editors are the source of writing code for developers, designers, and for many other purposes(I don’t know all of them, actually).

For me and for many of us, VSCode is the most useful editor to write code. And we all need to short our work or try to work within a short time period to save time for many other duties. So, Extensions play a vital role in that time saving and management (I think so; hopefully, you also think like that!)

5 Best Extensions — Visual Studio Code


Vs Code is highly extensible using Editor Worldwide and many contributors to Vs Code create useful extensions for it, to provide editor’s superpowers by speeding up their development using tools. Here, I am going to share the most demanding and useful extensions that I need for my daily use development with the editor.



VSCode Live Server Extension — Visual Studio Code — Extensible Extensions Visual Studio Code
VSCode Live Server Extension — Visual Studio Code

All I want to say is that I love Visual Studio Code’s Live Server extension. The most important cause I likely use this extension is it updates the data on my website or my piece of code compiles as soon as I change it. By using it I don’t need to refresh my browser again and again as I just get rid of refreshing the browser consistently. The main part is that it also saves time and makes changes rapidly.


Prettier Visual Studio Code Extension — VSCode Extensions

Things in a beautiful gap and code with the appropriate format, we all need this while coding. Just observe that you are sending your piece of code to your boss for some reason and just your code is in a bad format; your boss rejects it cause it gets harder to understand whether it is compiling well or it has no bugs.

You, me, and all of the developers need well-represented and formatted pieces of code. It is necessary for all of us because in our daily life we do countless coding so, it gets harder for us to find a specific line of code to make changes. To give an understandable structure or format to your code, it’s not wrong if I say “Use Prettier Extension to give exemplary format to your code structure”. It is an amazing extension in my favourite extension checklist for Visual Studio Code.

Better Comments

Better Comments Extension Visual Studio Code — Most useful Development Extensions
Better Comments Extension — Visual Studio Code

The one to write Better Comments we need to use Better Comments Extension of Visual Studio Code. It is most important and useful for us to write comments below every code for our help. Mostly we use to write comments while coding to explain the purpose of the below-mentioned piece of code.

Then, it is important for you to write comments within an understandable format for which you just need to install the most well-expressed comments format extension “Better Comments”. Trust me, you will love it!


VsCode Snippets | Custom Snippets Visual Studio Code
Custom Snippets — Visual Studio Code

Sometimes, we all continuously code for hours, get fatigued and want to get rid of doing the same throughout. We need something to save time by making coding and development more rapid. The use of Snippets preserves our time. How?

We have many programming and scripting languages snippets available at Visual Studio Code e.g. if you are doing simple HTML coding and need rapid actions doing brief code. For classes, you do not need to write the whole format to make classes of the selector. Just take a look! I am going to make 5 anchor links along with their 2 different classes with just a brief code… write a.classname*5 — And yeah! It is done…Here, you can install these snippets Just try and save your time.

So, as you can see, how snippets make a developer's life easier. We have many other snippets extensions for REACT, ANGULAR, VUE, PYTHON, and so on.

Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag — Visual Studio Code Extension

As you can see the name itself covers its meaning. So, this is how quiet it helps developers while coding continuously. It assembles a coding prompt and auto-renames the tag name you are going to write just as if you have written it before. It will make your coding clear and rapid.

Visual Studio Code ( the most helpful and easy-to-use editor for me) is the most used code editor on the market for developers. Why? because we have a lot of features available there that ease our coding and development. So, if you are a developer locating the way to speed up your coding, Do install these extensions and preserve your most precious time by now! As I love to write about Tech, Social and Motivation, please do like and follow. It strengthens me to write well, helpful content for you. Also, read my latest Blogs here




Software Engineering Student along with Passion for Writing. All I Enjoy to disseminating Knowledge and articulating self-thoughts in my writing since 13.

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Muqaddas Angela

Muqaddas Angela

Software Engineering Student along with Passion for Writing. All I Enjoy to disseminating Knowledge and articulating self-thoughts in my writing since 13.

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