Negative Thoughts — How to Stop them?

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Do you want to stop your mind from thinking freaking negative sides of anything? Just start reading my article hope you’ll find it very helpful.

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I hope you are looking for something that can help you to prevent negative thoughts and you all know that our minds are connected with several things at a time and that can cause in several ways like; If you take an example of good thoughts and ideas in you are having in your mind can affect good impacts on your life and health but on the other side if you are having negative thoughts in your mind consistently then, it can affect your health and mind badly. Sometimes it can be the biggest cause of your stress, depression, and anxiety.

Whenever we find something unhabitual and unhealthy in our self we start preventions to keep ourselves on the safe side. This is the most important thing to know that your body works according to your mind and your thoughts play a vital role in your daily habits So, this is we need to know then, how to prevent our minds from such negative thoughts that can be the cause of miserable health.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. ~Willie Nelson

The main thing to do before replacing your negative thoughts with positive, ones have to identify your thoughts first. But How do you know what is the sort of negative thoughts apart from seeming negative thoughts there is also a category where you are continuously thinking negatively but you cannot identify them as negative. What are those?


There are many sorts of negativity or negative thoughts. Pick that one you have in your mind consistently you want to rid of.

  1. Thoughts about losing hopes momentarily. Let’s take an example: You have done your job interview greatly and after reaching home you are thinking continuously or saying to your inner goddess that you will not be going to succeed to get that job role. Then, this demonstrates the negativity in your hopes momentarily.
  2. The negativity carried for others in your mind. If you are working somewhere and you found your boss continuously appreciating your colleagues instead of praising your work then, what inner you start planning the side hustle for your jealousy to fall the rank of your colleague is your negativity for others that usually known as ‘jealousy’.
  3. To see, read, or hear something sinful through anything: Most of us enjoy having something entertaining in our spare time in which we read our favorite topic books, read novels, enjoy kinds of music, and watch movies or series that have something entertaining. But on the spot of doing all these things we need to focus on just one thing that the things we are enjoying not to be the cause of sinful. This is the main thing you need to understand that the sinful thing is the biggest cause of your negative thoughts. So, STOP WATCHING, READING, LISTENING such things that can be the biggest cause of your sinfulness and negativity.



The best thing is to ask yourself about your thoughts intentions. Find the right intention of your thought and label it with the rightful intention. After examining your intentions of thoughts if you find your thoughts negative start working on such things e.g. If you are thinking wrong about someone in jealousy or you’re making thoughts about harming someone then, understand the cause of jealousy and start working on yourself to be better for others. Just take a note that; We came into this world alone and we shall all have to back alone but with our sins and good deeds. So, stop yourself before thinking bad for someone by following this bold short note.

The above note is not just for the prevention of hurting or harming someone but also, this is the best to follow if you are going to do something that is inappropriate. Just think for a moment you are watching something that can be the biggest cause of sins and negativity, then why are you doing that consistently? Don’t you love yourself? Don’t you want peace for yourself afterlife? Just ask these questions to yourself and try not to do those things If these things have already been habitual to you try to change your routine to prevent your negative thoughts.

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